Bath Must Haves!


In honor of National Bubble Bath Day on Jan 8th I wanted to compile the necessities for the perfect bath, I’m pretty excited there is a day to celebrate one of my favorite hobbies. (not sure if bathing is a hobby but it has its own holiday so we are going to count it!) I have compiled my must have bath products. I made sure to get this list done a few days early so you have time to purchase all of the necessary items for the perfect bath… don’t worry, I’m looking out for you)

I LOVE taking baths and love to feel pampered. (It’s even better when I don’t have to leave my apartment) Here is my compilation of bath MUST HAVES:

1. Essential Linens

I think that the linens are just as essential as what you put in the bath. I love using a large puffy towel to dry off and wrapping myself in a soft bath robe. Depending on the day I spend hours after the bath relaxing in the robe. Click the images to shop.


2. Setting The Mood

Whether you are setting up a bath for two or just yourself, candles add a nice relaxing touch. I occasionally will turn the lights out in the bathroom and light as many candles as I can to create a relaxing setting. Be careful with fire if you decide to use real candles instead of flame-less, and don’t set anything on fire! I don’t have a particular favorite candle brand at the moment, I usually just pick one up every time I go to Homegoods. (That place is a trap, I always end up buying something!) If you have a favorite candle let me know in the comments, I’d love to try it out!

3. Entertainment

I know many people read in the bath tub but I treasure my books too much to risk them getting wet, but if you are fearless and chance it I would recommend getting a bath tray. I will leave a link to a good tray below! I usually end up watching a good movie on my Ipad while I am in the tub. AND no I don’t risk ruining my iPad either (I am too much of a klutz), the case I have makes my iPad stand up and I rest it on the toilet seat (which is a safe distance from the tub). Click the image to shop.


4. Bubbles, Bombs, & Salts

Now this is where it gets tricky, there are so many great products that I love to put in my bath. However, you can only put so many things in a bath before it gets to be too much! If you are new to bath bombs I would recommend checking out Lush Cosmetics bath supplies. (my favorite handmade, all natural, & cruelty free brand for bath products) Another affordable brand of bath salts and bubble bath I love is Dr. Teals. (Available at Walmart & Target) Dr. Teals comes in a larger bottle and has a few different scents, my favorites are eucalyptus and lavender. Click the images to shop. 

bombsdr teal

5.  Masks

I always try to get the most out of my bath, I almost always multitask with both a face mask and a hair mask. At the present moment I don’t have a favorite hair mask, I am still using the mask sampler that I mention in my “How To Go Days Without Washing Your Hair”  blog post in an effort to find a favorite.


Depending on what you are needing a mask for might determine what masks will work best for you but these are my all time favorites! On the more affordable end, the 7th Heaven brand face masks are great! You can get them in individual use packets at Walmart, they are only a few dollars and have so many different varieties. My favorite is the Montagne Jeunesse Hot Spring Sauna, it has ground volcanic spring powder and ginger in it; this mask self heats and exfoliates the skin. If you are looking for a high end mask I would recomend the Glam Glow Super Mud Mask. This mask is amazing!!! It contains charcoal and pulls all of the junk out of your pores, leaving your skin feeling fresh. It also has acidic properties so be careful of sun exposure after use. (use SPF) Click images to shop.

7th heavenglam glow


If you are over 21 this is an obvious necesity. The bamboo bathtub caddy that I linked in this post above has a spot for your glass built right in. My go to wine in Stella Rosa, Moscato or a Rose. I love sweet wines, the closer it tastes to juice the better.

Well all of this talk about the perfect bath makes me want to go take one. Let me know your thoughts or if you have any go to products!

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