I have been seeing lip masks on social media and some of my friends have even sent me snaps using them. I do use lip scrubs (my favorite is the lip scrub by Lush Cosmetics, click here), it really helps keep my lips exfoliated, especially if I am planning on using a matte lipstick. I decided to do some research and try them out for you!

I went to several stores and found that most lip masks are glorified lip moisturizers. While I like the idea of these products I didn’t think of them as a mask. When I think of a mask, whether its a face mask or a lip mask, it’s something you put on and wouldn’t be caught dead in outside of the house. No mask I have ever worn looks like moisturizer, most look like gloppy paint but they work wonders! This is what I was looking for in a lip mask but I didn’t have much luck, I found two products that had decent reviews available at Target. One of them was a sheet mask (hallelujah, exactly what I was looking for!) and the other was a “mask” that looked like a lip balm.

GG- Hydrating Lip Mask

Nügg Lip Mask

This lip mask has beautiful packaging, in my opinion, one of the many reasons I chose this particular lip mask. I have also used Nügg face masks in the past and really enjoyed them, I hoped this lip product would be just as good. This mask promises to hydrate for kissably smooth lips and is packed with all natural and vegan ingredients (so far so good). The instructions tell us to apply the mask generously and leave it on for at least 20 minutes or overnight, then remove the excess.

MY CONCLUSION – I liked that the scent of this lip mask wasn’t strong. The mask was comfortable and creamy, I kind of forgot I had it on after a while. My lips absorbed all of the mask so there wasn’t much to wipe off. My lips definitely feel smoother and moisturized, I think it lives up to its promises. For an $8.99 mask it was worth it and I would purchase this again.

YES TO COCONUT – Hydrate and Restore Lip Kit

MaskThis is the first lip mask I had tried that wasn’t just a moisturizer, I was very intrigued to see what it was all about. This mask is a two step process that promised to “plump and hydrate” lips naturally. The first step is exfoliation, the instructions said to apply the scrub to dry lips and massage gently. The scrub smells like an Almond Joy candy bar, it’s amazing! (Side Note: you have to like the smell of coconut to enjoy this scent) Though, if you get some of the scrub in your mouth on accident, it doesn’t taste like Almond Joy at all.

Onto step two, the instructions were to apply the mask and let sit for 15 minutes. Step two is a sheet mask so brace yourself, you will feel ridiculous wearing this.

MY CONCLUSION – I definitely enjoyed the exfoliant but I didn’t see much difference with the sheet mask. My lips definitely weren’t more plump than they were before I used the mask. I did feel a tingling sensation which according to the packaging means the mask is working. After I had taken the sheet off and my lips had dried I definitely felt like I need some chap stick or a moisturizer. For a $3.99 mask the quality was okay, I don’t think I would purchase this again unless I was desperate for a lip scrub. (As I said before, my favorite lip scrub is from Lush Cosmetics in the flavor Mint Julips, click here)

Even though I wasn’t planning on taking pictures with these masks on, I couldn’t resist doing a goofy photo shoot with the second step of the Lip Kit. For your enjoyment I am putting the pictures below.

If you purchase these products I hope you have as much fun as I did! Let me know in the comments if you have tried these products out or if you have a “go to” lip mask!

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  1. hahaha I have to admit I did feel pretty ridiculous in the sheet lip mask! lol but you gotta try it to find out if it’s good or not.
    Nice post girl !
    I actually buy both of these products…I’ve used more lip masks than I can count honestly

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