Spring Styles

Get excited for the warm weather and styles this spring! I can’t wait to wear rompers, swimsuits, and sandals soon, carrying a coat around and wearing sweaters is starting to get old.

Overalls have made a come back, and I couldn’t be more excited. They are so comfy and are turning into a fashion trend that I can definitely jump on board with.

These have been in for a few years but I feel like just recently my Insta feed has been bombarded with one-piece outfits. Most of them are adorable, it’s a nice plus when going on vacation or planning what to wear because it’s only one piece. I know you may be thinking “a dress is one piece too”, BUT when I wear shorter skirts I always feel a little on guard to make sure my underwear isn’t showing. One pieces can look like a dress but you can relax and have the piece of mind that weather conditions won’t cause a wardrobe malfunction.

Say goodbye to statement necklaces because dainty layered jewelry is here to stay. Simple jewelry complements an outfit, but gives clothes a chance to be the statement piece. Stacked rings or a simple necklace allows you to give your outfit the extra glam it needs without over doing it.

Stripes are everywhere! I have already started updating my wardrobe for summer and so many pieces are covered in stripes. Last year was all about floral, this year seems to be all about stripes!

This is another one of those trends that have been popular for a while but now every boutique carries wrap tops, the secret is finding ones that aren’t see through. If you are larger chested this trend can pose a problem, but if you throw a bralette underneath you will be good to go!

I love two piece sets! It’s like you get an outfit for the price of one, you can also switch out the top or bottoms and create a whole new look.

Don’t get me wrong I still love my gladiator sandals, but I am really liking slides this year. So easy to slip on and head out for the day.

If you have a trend that I need to check out, leave me a comment! Below are links to shop, just click on the picture.

Necklace  wrap top  Two pieces


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