I have (not so patiently) been waiting for spring. According to the calendar, it’s springtime but someone forgot to tell the weather. Even though it’s still chilly I am ready to start making fun and fruity cocktails, starting with a Grapefruit Rosemary Spritzer. I’m not usually a grapefruit fan because of how tart they are, but this is recipe is a must!

I made this recipe as a punch and served it in a pitcher without alcohol, because I actually had to be productive for the rest of the day. Any other day I would have added Vodka, it would also work to make a nice grapefruit margarita with tequila too! Either way, this recipe is great for brunch or refreshing on any spring day.




  • 4 Cups Grapefruit juice (store bought or fresh squeezed)
  • 1 Cup Rosemary Syrup:
    • 1/4 Cup Honey
    • 1/4 Cup Sugar
    • 1/2 Cup Water
    • 1 sprig of Rosemary chopped
  • 750 ML Sparkling Water (I used Pellegrino)
  • Ice As Needed
  • Vodka/Tequila (Optional)


  • Grapefruit Slices
  • Rosemary


  1. Combine all Rosemary Syrup ingredients into a small saucepan and bring to boil on medium heat. Cook for 4-5 min until sugar has dissolved… be careful not to burn sugar and stir mixture often.
  2. Remove syrup from heat and use a sieve to remove the rosemary (This portion is optional, I didn’t remove the rosemary).
  3. Pour 5 cups of grapefruit juice into pitcher, stir in syrup until fully combined.
  4. Add Sparkling water to pitcher and stir.
  5. Add a shot of Vodka or Tequila to each glass or pour desired amount into pitcher.
  6. Garnish & Serve!

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