I am the most frugal person when it comes to groceries and everyday needs. My thought process has always been, if you can save money, why wouldn’t you? Coupons are a girls best friend, they allow you to save extra money on things you already need. Then, you can use the extra money you save for those new shoes you have been eyeing.

Instagram must know my compulsive need to save money on EVERYTHING I buy, because this ad for Brandless came on when I was scrolling through stories. I had never heard of the Brandless “brand” before, but when I saw “Quality goods that don’t break the bank” I was intrigued.

I went to their site and everything is $3, I couldn’t believe it! As I do with any grocery trip, I made a list of the things running low and other things I needed to replace. Just like my trips to Target, my shopping cart was full of things I didn’t even know I needed. Seriously, all of the items are great quality for $3. They are “off brand” to limit extra padded costs that name brands charge, “like distribution costs, wholesale to retail markups, and shelf stocking.”

fair prices

Let’s talk about quality a little bit:

The gold standards of quality that are in line with what matters to people today. For cotton, it’s organic; for chips, it’s non-GMO; for paper products it’s sustainability. We call this category-by-category approach our “Just What Matters” philosophy.

The “Just What Matters” philosophy also means we prioritize offering products that match people’s values, preferences, and at times, requirements — whether it be organic, Fair Trade, gluten-free, or vegan food; tree-free paper, non-toxic cleaning supplies, or cruelty-free and clean personal care products free of over 400 questionable ingredients.

-Brandless.com (Learn More)

One of my favorite things about this company, other than their focus on quality and affordability, is their effort to contribute to non-profits and charities. For all of the orders placed on their site, they donate a meal. So far, they have donated over 1.5 million meals in the United States. Usually when I see companies that donate to good causes I see an increase in pricing, this isn’t the case with Brandless. Good values are at the core of this company, that’s something I can stand behind!

Overall, I really like this company. The website was very easy to navigate and placing an order was seamless. I received an email once my order shipped and it only took a few days to arrive. I’ve had a chance to try almost everything I purchased, and it really is good quality. The food was amazing and tasted great. The utensils are up to par with items that would normally cost double or triple the amount. The only thing I won’t be repurchasing is the toilet paper. It is a bit thin, I prefer the thick Charmin toilet paper, but this is just a personal preference. I will be a return customer, and I look forward to making future purchases.

There are tons of items available, the items I purchased are below. Simply click the image to shop!

Have you ordered from Brandless before? Share what you order in the comments below!




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