This is my first time creating a Christmas card for my own personal use. Sure, I have created them for business’ and other events but never just for. Believe me, it was a journey, I thought this process would be very simple, so many people put together Christmas cards every year. My creative side got the best of me. I seriously considered scrap booking each and every card to ensure it was perfect, it can’t be that hard right?! Wrong! No one has time or patience for that, if you do… please share your wisdom.

Then I thought about doing my own graphic design, I got so excited about so many different concepts and ideas that it became over whelming. Finally, I decided that I should probably use a template to save my time and my sanity. I researched a couple of sites looking at pricing, shipping, designs… everything you can think of. I loved the designs of but their pricing wasn’t ideal. I didn’t want to spend $150+ creating 50 Christmas cards. I landed on I am so indecisive, not to mention a perfectionist, when it comes to fonts, colors, and design. (Bless the souls that will have to guide me through wedding invites one day.) Everything had to be perfect, I spent about an hour editing the photo, then nudging all of the pieces, changing different fonts, adding lines, etc.

Vistaprint has so many different templates and fonts, some with gold foil, they make it super simple to add and delete portions of the card, even if you aren’t familiar with editing software! If you want to easily create a beautiful card, all you have to do is plug in your name and your photo and pick out any other items you want, like specialty envelopes. It really is very simple, I just had to make it my own a little bit further by adding a few lines, changing up the fonts, and nudging the arrangement a bit.

In case you’re wondering this post is not sponsored, I am just always wanting to share the best deals and the best options for you as we approach the holidays! This time of year is stressful enough with out having to worry about designing a card. If you want to use the template that I used, you can find it here. Overall, after paying for the card and special envelope, and shipping my total was $50 for 40 cards. Vistaprint is also very quick about printing and shipping your cards. I received mine with in two days of placing the order. You still have time to order your cards before the holidays.

Let me know what cards you chose, I would love to see the designs you came up with! Happy Holidays everyone!

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