Polaroid pictures have been back in style for a while now, getting your hands on a truly vintage Polaroid camera can be expensive, and buying a new one isn’t exactly cheap either. I love the instant photos that Polaroids provide. It’s so fun to take these cameras out on the town or vacation, but I never seem to get a great photo. It usually takes me more than one shot to get a decent picture. I’m still learning how to not have dark or washed out photos using a Polaroid camera, lighting is definitely a struggle for me. The film for the actual camera can range from $1-3+ per photo. That’s insane when you think about how many shots you take on an iPhone to get only one good photo. On my phone, I have 100 photos of the same thing, there’s no way I could afford to take that many photos using a Polaroid camera. If I figure out the secret to taking the perfect photo on a Polaroid camera, I will be sure to let you all know. In the mean time, I found a life hack that will make getting the perfect polaroid so much easier.

Using a Polaroid camera (unless you are skilled) isn’t always the best way to get a “Polaroid” picture. I found this tool on Amazon that is only $30; it gives you the opportunity to convert your favorite photos into the instant images we all love. All you really need is the photo, film, and this fun gadget. It works so quickly and it turns any picture into a polaroid. It makes it so simple to create the photo collage that’s all over Pinterest.

You will need the KiiPix and make sure to get Instax film, as it doesn’t come with any. (I will be sure to include shoppable links to all of these items for you at the bottom of this post.) Once you have the KiiPix and the film, you will insert the film in the back, with the yellow marker facing up and away from the hinge. Then, close the back panel and unfold the wings on the top. There will be a white plastic tray underneath the wings, take it and attach it to the top. This will support your phone and tell you which way the photos need to be oriented.

Place your phone on the frame, make sure the photo is aligned using the little mirror attached to the base. Your phone brightness needs to be turned all the way up. Then, push the shutter button, make sure your phone didn’t go into power save mode. This happened to me while I was adjusting the frame and the photo turned out black.

Pro Tip: I found the best photos come from either being in a dark room while doing this or by blocking the light coming through on either side of the wings.

Turn the knob clock wise and your photo will be ejected. I always place my photos face down for a few minutes until they develop. I don’t know if it actually helps but I swear it makes the photo turn out better.

After you do your first photo, you are all set to make another one. I really like this tool because you can get creative and edit your photo or create a design before hand. I got so excited that I used the whole film pack to turn my favorite pictures into polaroids. I hope you find this tool useful and enjoy using it just as much as I have. The shoppable links are below, simply click the photo to be redirected.


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    • Thanks so much girl!! I love polaroids so much but it is such a struggle to get a decent photo, my dad will blink or the lighting is off so this thing has been a life saver!! haha

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