Working in a cubical is the reality of most jobs. I have always had to work in an assigned work space or cubical. Because so much of my time is spent in a cubical, I try to find ways to make it reflect my personality and feel more “homey”. Though it isn’t a complete renovation, it’s effective and it doesn’t have to be expensive. I have a few tricks that will help you create a work space you won’t hate going to each day.

Eliminate Clutter/Stay Organized: Organization is key to happiness in so many aspects, keeping a clean work space helps to reduce distraction, and all around keep your space looking tidy. There are several things you can do to stay organized at work, I recommend using a calendar, planner, and/or to do lists. This helps you get things done and reduce stress. When you feel more at ease, you won’t dread being at work as much. I recommend using utensil organizers and making sure everything has a place.

This is my favorite planner to stay organized!

Photos: This is an obvious tip, but display photos of you, your friends, your dog, or whatever brings you joy. This will make the space yours, almost like you are marking your territory. In addition to personal photos, your office is a great place to exhibit your vision boards, scenic views, or motivational quotes. I created a vision board for 2020 and put it up in my cubical to remind me of the goals I want to achieve this year. I also have a motivational quote that I routinely change out. These constant reminders help to push me a little harder at work and carry into the rest of my day outside of work.

Contact Paper: If you have ugly desk colors, cabinets, or walls, almost anything can be remedied with contact paper. This is easy to apply, affordable, and can easily be removed if you move spaces. I had an ugly red wall in my line of sight in my cube, I wanted a crisp clean white cube. I applied white contact paper to the red wall and you can’t tell it wasn’t originally white. There are so many colors and options, you will really be able to personalize your cube.

Hide Anything Ugly: I need shipping materials on a regular basis, so I keep bubble wrap and smaller boxes handy. Previously, it looked like there was a constant pile of garbage underneath and next to my desk. It made my space feel cramped and cluttered. I bought some affordable baskets from World Market and stuffed all of the materials in the baskets and out of site. I also bought cord keeper get rid of the random cords stringing across my desk. Hiding anything unappealing will make you feel more comfortable and allow you to enjoy your space.

Add Homey Touches: This goes beyond adding pictures. I am a crazy plant lady, so I have several plants on my desk. I have a lumbar pillow for support but to also add style. My office varies in temperature and occasionally I need a blanket, there are so many affordable options and this really does the trick. I also have a drawer at my desk with all of my necessities; snacks (LOL), extra headphones, Emergen-C, tampons… you name it. I have definitely nested in my cube, but it genuinely helps to have everything you need on hand.

I linked several of the items that will help you reinvent your space, my favorite affordable places to find office decor are Amazon, World Market, and Target. TJMaxx and Homegoods also have cute options, but these are very hit or miss. With these simple tips you are sure to enhance your efficiency and make your cube feel more comfortable. If you are struggling with a style, I find so much inspiration from Pinterest. Check out my “Office” Pinterest board here to see what styles and inspo I am loving.

Did you find this post helpful? What have you done to personalize your work space? Let me know in the comments below!

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