This year I truly had no idea what to expect with spring fashion. With everything starting to slowly open after the pandemic, I was sure that everyone would want to get dressed up for any and every occasion, but in what? This year everything bright, colorful, and full of life are taking over, rightly so after the last year we’ve all been through. Below are the trends I see emerging this spring!

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Pastels are always popular but this year they have taken off. I am a sucker for neutrals but I think this will be the year that color will be showing up in my closet!

Florals are always “in” during the warmer months, for obvious reasons but other patterns are taking hold. The last few years leopard has been everywhere, but this year I predict Zebra will be at the front and center. Checkers and wave patterns are also starting to take over my Instagram feed.

Exposed seams, two tone, split hem, cross hem… you name it! I think this trend is so fun!

Blazers are a staple in any closet, but this spring pastels and suit style are combined to create such a cute look.

Last but not least, strappy and cut out pieces are here to stay through the summer and I’m loving it. It’s so practical for the warm weather and so cute! As fashion progresses, I think strappy/backless outfits are becoming more supportive and the need for a bra is slowly going away. However, I am still a 32DD and not all tops can make the cut to go with out a bra, on those occasions I use a sticky bra or a pasties – These are the pasties I use!

What are your favorite fashion trends this year? Let me know in the comments below!

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