I always have things that I debate buying so they sit in my shopping cart… who’s with me? It’s never necessity items, always “wants” rather than “needs”. I am so ready for summer and the more I sit on Instagram or let’s be honest on my phone in general the more things I find that I “NEED” (dang those cookies and pop up shopping ads). There is SO much more stuff that is sitting in my shopping cart on various tabs in my browser, but here are the things I might actually end up buying.

PRO TIP: If you let items sit in your cart for a few days or at least till Friday, not only because that’s when pay day is but  because the shop/store might remind to you purchase the items sitting in your cart and throw in a nice coupon. Plus stores like Sephora and clothing boutiques seem to go CRAZY sending out discount codes to email subscribers on Friday.

What is sitting in your “shopping cart”?

Shop the items that are in my shopping cart…


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