Apparently, there is a Summer Sephora VIB sale? Did anyone else not know about this? I thought there were only two sales a year with Sephora, so I guess I missed something. I wasn’t aware until I received a flyer in the mail a few days ago. Anyways, as shocking as it sounds there isn’t anything that I will be trying out on this sale, but you better believe I will be restocking on all my favorites! I have found a lot of items that I love and others that, frankly, just aren’t worth it. All of the items in my restock are SO worth it! In efforts to get the best bang for my buck I will only be repurchasing things I love. If you haven’t tried these items, I recommend getting them while the sale last. You will notice that I won’t be purchasing any new makeup, I don’t wear a ton of make up on a daily basis and therefore don’t need to restock very often, but I will be loading up on skincare! I have included all of the info you need to get in on this sale, all of the links are shoppable, you are welcome! Get Ready, Get Set, SHOP!

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It’s November, meaning the Sephora Annual sale is on right now! The VIB sale is the annual time where beauty enthusiasts get 15% to 20% off your ENTIRE ORDER! These are the items that I have been waiting to stock up on or have been eyeing but haven’t had the guts to buy. If I have a skin care or makeup item that is just a bit pricey, I try to wait for this sale and stock up! I will leave a chart below to help you gauge when your sale is and what discount you will receive, based on your shopper status.


If you would like to shop this post all you have to do is click on an item in the image above, let me know what you end up getting on the VIB Sale in the comments below!