Touring My City – Goldenrod Pastries

I love being a tourist in my own town! My obsession is food (big surprise there), but new places to eat or unique shops call out to me. I found this particular shop about a year ago, since my blog wasn’t live then I haven’t had the chance to share. I have a major sweet tooth and couldn’t help but fall in love with this place!

Goldenrod Pastries is a locally owned “woman-powered” bakery and the only one of its kind in Lincoln, NE. Most people don’t take vacations to Nebraska, but if you are ever driving through or visiting family/friends this is a must stop shop.

They make all kinds of cakes, deserts, and cookies. (My favorites are the pistachio macarons and the cheese cake!)  There are SO many options, most of which are gluten-free, dairy-free, and some are vegan. Goldenrod prides themselves on being very inclusive and can accommodate most food allergies. They source their ingredients from local farms not only support the community but also to provide fresh and organic goods. The ladies that work there are so sweet (no pun intended) and are more than happy to explain ingredients or help you find the perfect treat. (Some of them even have edible glitter on them!) The decor is mid-century modern but the building has original exposed brick and decorative tiled ceiling. What’s not to love? Follow them on Instagram, you wont regret it! @goldenrodpastries

I hope after reading this post you are encouraged to tour your own city and find the hidden gems!

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